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How do you know what type of corporation is best suited for your business model?  Well seeking legal council is a great way.  A bit of online research doesn’t help either so we have decided to outline which is best for you and your business.


The main advantage is taxes…

Getting a  LLP business  comes with some huge tax advantage when compared to the LLC. Under the LLP , the partners of  law firms can pass their profits or losses to their own personal tax return when  it’s income tax time.  This means that the firm  doesn’t have to file a tax return if that is the case. More often than not  partners will file a percentage of profits and losses on their income taxes , which may vary based on the overall shares owned in the law firm. If  a partner owns 70 percent of the company, that partner will claim 70 percent of the profits or losses on his Federal Income taxes. Same goes  for a partner if they own 30 percent they claim 30% of the income.

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